• Offered at $39,000
  • 1948 Cessna 170 (SN18512)
  • I bought it in 2003 and it has been hangared since 2007
  • Complete disassembly, paint strip, metal reprimed, repainted and new interior upholstery in 2003
  • Located in Northern California (San Martin/E16, between San Jose and Hollister)
  • Hours Metrics
    • 2195 hours total airframe flight time
    • 865 hours since major overhaul
    • 278 hours since bottom overhaul
  • Avionics
  • Extras included
    • York Gust Lok control lock
    • Custom sun-screens
    • Custom cowling cover (Bruce's Custom Covers)
    • Tie-down stakes
    • Step ladder
    • Wheel covers (Bruce's Custom Covers)
    • Most Cessna 170 Association Quarterly Magazines published since 2003
    • Original 1948 C170 Flight Manual
    • Parts Manual (CD-ROM and PDF)
  • As a CFI I can provide ferry service with simultaneous training/hour-building while we take this bird to its new home at your airfield.

Extensive Upgrades

The Details

Up For Adoption...

In 2003 I had been pilot for about 7 years and discovered tailwheel airplanes. I had trained in a DA20 and had tons of hours in various Pipers. I was a "low-wing/nosewheel kinda guy" - until I met a Citabria. Then I realized what flying was all about. After logging time in the various 7ECA/8KCAB aircraft available to me I was looking for something more, and my flight instructor suggested a Skywagon or a 170. I found N4179V in Redding, visited, fell in love, and brought him home. We've been on quite a few great missions: as far north as Bend, Oregon; as far south as Phoenix; as far east as Oshkosh. You'll find a 2011 AirVenture sticker subtly tucked into the corner of a rear window, and that was probably the best adventure of all - landing in front of an audience of 100K+ people! Plus a quick stop at Chicago O'hare (yes, KORD) on the way back to drop off a friend. 


We've been over Yosemite Half Dome at 12,500 when the winds were so strong our ground speed was ~15 knots. We threaded the Gooseneck Canyons on the way to the Grand Canyon. We battled November winds in Tehachapi Pass. Probably the furthest edge of the envelope was landing at Evanston (WY) in late July with a density altitude over 10,000'. Victor said "I'm done flying now, let's land".

This is a completely honest airplane. I've put in all of the safety and convenience upgrades that I wanted, but left it as close to "out of the factory" feel as possible. Anything hidden or under the hood that that I could make modern I have done. But opening the doors still beckons you in to 1948, and the freshness of General Aviation just after WWII.

It's time for the next custodian to take over and add their chapters to the rich history of Cessna SN18512. Contact me for more information and to arrange a visit and test flight.


+1 (408) 621-0294

Romeo Tango Aviation

My schedule no longer permits me to properly fly and enjoy this wonderful airplane, so I am making it available for sale. Annual inspection was completed in May 2016, and the airplane has a wealth of upgrades and additional features to make it even more safe and enjoyable than when it came out of the factory.


Please contact me for more information or to arrange a test flight.

A larger photo album is available with more detail.

Some of the history...

​​N4179V - A Classic 1948 Cessna 170 is ready for its next owner - only $39,000

All upgrades done under original type certificate, STC, PMA, TSO, Service Kit, Service Letter or 337 as appropriate.

  • One piece windshield (Great Lakes) - 1999
  • Brakes & wheels upgrade (Cleveland/Parker) – 2002
  • Air filter adapter (Brackett) – 2002
  • Spin-on oil filter adapter (F&M Enterprises) – 2002
  • Strobe light (Aeroflash) – 2003
  • Shoulder harnesses (Hooker) – 2003
  • Replaced generator with alternator (Jasco) – 2003
  • Upgraded tailwheel (Scott 3200A) – 2004
  • Secondary seatstops (Aerostop) – 2004
  • Sunvisors (Rosen) – 2004
  • Replaced all control cables (McFarlane)– 2004
  • Gear stiffeners (P. Ponk) – 2005
  • Pull handles (BAS) – 2005
  • Ventube air vent replacements (Soros) – 2005
  • Installed vernier mixture control (McFarlane) - 2005
  • Replaced fuses with circuit breakers (Klixon) – 2009
  • Replaced master solenoid contactor – 2009
  • Replaced tailwheel leaf springs (Univair) – 2011
  • Solid steel axles (Airforms) – 2012
  • Hydraulic door openers (Mountain View Aviation) – 2013
  • Solid-state light dimmer (Seaton) – 2013
  • LED interior lighting - 2013
  • Cessna pilot's side secondary seat stop service kit – 2014
  • Cessna tailwheel bracket service kit - 2014